ThermoDefender Demo at CES 2017!

FLIR Booth CES 2017

In mid 2016 FLIR had a contest for makers and asked for use ideas for their new Lepton developer module. Here is my original submission. The idea was picked up by the selection committee at FLIR and after a brief phone interview they selected the idea as one of the five finalist that were flown to Last Vegas to present a demo at the FLIR booth at CES 2017. It was an awesome experience.

Lepton enabled IoT device or light bulb that will detect excess water/flooding and/or fire within a kitchen or laundry area (sometimes they are near enough to be combined). With detection you would receive notifications and optionally could be turned off at the breaker using existing remote control circuit breaker technology. Ideal for reducing or preventing a fire by tripping the range/oven breaker. Water could be stopped by tripping the circuit breaker for the well pump or via an added flow control system if using utility provided water.

ThermoDefender Demo Machine CAD Rendering

ThermoDefender Demo Machine CAD Rendering

Below is the actual demo at CES 2017 of the final machine our team created for the contest. In comment please be nice, there was a decent crowd plus a full camera crew standing in from of me. 

There was also a write up for my local newspaper here in Lake City Florida as well as the full page ad in Wired Magazine about the contest and my submission.

Lake City Reporter Profile for Brian Boatright

Wired Magazine Ad for FLIR Maker Challenge Contest Winner

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