Price Checking – 3×3 Aluminum Block 6061

I got lucky a month ago and found a bargain at, which btw has a great platform for job shops. They also have supplies and sell raw materials. The great thing with a random box of remnants is getting shapes you wouldn’t ordinarily order and have sitting on the shelf. One of the remnants I found most used was 3″ square block about a foot long. I’ve used it to  make fixtures cut down to 1″ chunks. 

Getting familiar with my new CNC machine I’ve used up the remnant 3″ square block and I’m on the hunt for a replacement.

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Somethings to note. I just used the highest shipping for McMaster as they only provide shipping cost once the order ships. Usually their shipping is the lowest I’ve seen, always reasonable. Most metal suppliers (specifically Alro) offer discounts when you have more than one item in your cart. For this comparison I’m just ordered a single piece.

Xometry had some issues with their website. First they did not show any square bar’s for aluminum. However when I clicked Add to Cart I got a popup suggestion to switch to Square Bar for $64.38.

However, clicking Change to Square Bar but doing so generated a 404 page not found error.

I emailed their team and hopefully it will be corrected soon. Also they have removed aluminum remnants from the raw materials selections. Also missing is the option to buy their aluminum remnants.