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Who is Brian Boatright?

For as long as he can remember, Brian Boatright identified himself as a “Maker,” possessing the ability to visualize and express his creativity. Through creation of unique and successful solutions, he works to turn his ideas into reality. Brian is the CEO and co-founder of a successful creative services company,Eyespike Corporation, in Lake City, Florida.

Being raised primarily by his Grandmother and without a father figure, Brian had to depend on his own creativity and ingenuity. Brian found his love for creation at a young age. He would draw out mechanical contraptions, build forts, birdhouses using only supplies he could scavenge and his imagination. Additionally he figured out and fixed his Grandmother’s washing machine, all before the age of 14. He also found extensive inspiration from masterful craftsmen like Norm Abrams from “This Old House” and Roy Underhill from “The Woodwright’s Shop”. These DIY experts ignited Brian’s curious nature.

Although Brian moved around a lot during his youth, he continued his love for creation. At the age of 15 he became involved with CAD (computer aided design) with which he designed and built himself a workbench. It also aided him as he formed his own custom computer building business. It was around this time that Brian began to dream of becoming a prospering entrepreneur.

Besides working with wood and computers, Brian gained an extensive background with musical instruments, becoming fluent with piano, guitar and drums. Brian always found an avenue to express his creativity and craftsmanship. Which aided him in being a successful employee for “M&M Music Ltd.” in Valdosta, Georgia on and off for almost 10 years.

Besides enhancing his own ever growing skill set, Brian has contributed his knowledge via community outreach programs. He was a mentor for the “FIRST Robotics Team 3556” (Get Smart) in 2013 at the Columbia High School in Lake City, Florida. He fostered abandoned animals thru Second Chance Farms (https://secondchancefarms.org). Furthermore, after earning his 1st degree black belt with the American Taekwondo Association, contributed his time and talents to fellow students thru the ATA Leadership program.

The underlying consistent thread of Brian’s life thus far, has been his “Maker” conceptions and implementation. This idea and ability to facilitate his concepts and turn them into reality has allowed him to explore and expose others to their potential. Simply put, being a “maker” to Brian, is having an idea and being able to build it. Always working thru problems until you are happy with the outcome. The “maker” community, that is a collective knowledge base and are able and willing to share and consume, are very important to Brian. He has an extensive collection of tools, seriously, EXTENSIVE, which allows him to quickly progress his ideas into reality. Always thinking of the next great thing to simplify our lives and daily tasks. To say he is a “gadget guru” is an understatement.

Brian has created maker.space (http://maker.space), with plans for it to be a resource and a way to link the makers, hackers, tech spaces, or just inthusiasts, all over the world to each individual makers for their blog or youtube channels. It will also have a forum that can become a hub for all things maker related. This will enable collaboration and tremendous growth in the maker community.

Brian wants to foster and develop more local, small town type trade shows that specialize in hands on machining and woodworking education. “Deliver more than expected” is something Brian was told as a young man, and has always rung true for him. He wants everyone to have access to the education, craftsmanship, imagination and creativity of the “Makers” and feels the best confidence builder is experience. His goal is to allow us all to share in this experience.The reward of accomplishment should be enough to encourage our youth to strive for better and more creative ways to survive and prosper in this

world, no pats on the back are needed and he will strive to foster this belief in all that he teaches and creates.